Bartering works in geocaching!

smileIn relation to my previous post, I have corresponded with a few geocachers today. We have come up with ways we can help each other improve our own games. How cool is that? I haven’t been this excited in a while. Its also one of those head slap moments. My name is not Sisyphus so why have I been acting like it is? Just in the first few collaborations the group of us are going to end up with quality Wherigos in an area that previously had none. We are going to have some path tags trade hands and we are going to have some new Earthcaches created. All of this because we decided to work together.

I encourage you to try the same thing. Reach out to your fellow geocacher. They may just love that one thing you hate but can’t ignore because we all want to be well rounded geocachers. Who knows it could be something simple or could be something crazy complicated. You won’t know until you try. I would encourage you to stick to the bartering system. This is still just a game and it would suck all the creativity out of it if you just purchased whatever you need.

If you do work out a trade, let me know. I would be interested to see what we, as geocachers, can accomplish together. Oh, and my original offer still stands. I’m happy to build a custom Wherigo in exchange for…???


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