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Today begins Groundspeak’s newest promotion – Road Trip 2015. I already like this one so much better that the August streak campaign last year. That is more a personal preference than anything as we just don’t do streaks. Regardless of our dislike of streaks this still looks like a great way to earn some souvenirs and for some – try something different. It probably won’t change our caching habits any but we are already lucky enough to have a family with varying interests in the world of geocaching.

For us, we have an added layer of difficulty as I will be completing the Summer Road Trip on brand new hips. This just gives me an opportunity to show how accessible this campaign is for all geocachers. Since the first mission was to find a geocache with 10 or more favorite points, I decided to find one that is also a 1 terrain. GC3A77 “The Homestead” – Part I (virtual cache) was the closest one I found that met the criteria. This cache had 10 favorite points, is only 1.5 miles from home, and is a 1 star terrain. To add to that it is also a virtual which I try to do any chance I get.

The cache for this one specifically says that it is handicap accessible and after completing it on crutches I can vouch for that statement. Quickly, it also helped that it was a quality virtual and a nice day outside for the required walk through the sculpture park to gather the answers.

This find netted us our first souvenir of the Summer Road Trip. The next souvenir will be gained by attending an event starting on July 3rd. I was very tempted to host an event that day but I think I will just wait as there are so many events here this summer anyway. We are starting to plan which caches we want to satisfy the rest of the goals.

Are you planning out which caches you are going for?

Will you get them on the first day?

Will this change the way you cache this summer?

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