Surgery can’t stop a geocacher!


As many of you know I just went in for the first of two hip replacements I will be getting this summer. I’m choosing to look at them as upgrades. Instead of replacing bad parts, I am saying they are enhancing me with the best hips available. Which means that I will be even better, more reckless, and up for zany adventures as soon as I heal.

I’m using this as a chance to go after caches that are marked as handicap accessible. I know in the past I have seen caches marked as a 1 terrain that I didn’t necessarily think qualified. So, until I am back to normal (no better than normal) I will be delving into the concept of handicaching. I am also going to take this opportunity to develop caches that are handicap accessible but still quality entertainment. We recently developed one such cache that we believe fits the bill.

The cache, GC5V3PG, has a rating of 5 star difficulty and a 1 star terrain. Judging by it only having two finds and both have given a favorite point, we may have succeeded. If you do a search in your area you will likely find that there are not many caches that have a 1 terrain rating but also a high difficulty rating. I wasn’t able to find any that were truly handicap accessible and still challenging. There are challenge caches but those rating don’t truly reflect the effort or terrain of the actual cache.

Here’s it what I want to do:

Develop caches that are an adventure to work out mentally but are accessible to people of all physical abilities.

Here’s what I do not want:

I don’t want to just slap a difficult to qualify for challenge cache under a lamp post skirt.

This is where I’m asking for help. What have you seen or heard about? Help me come up with some true handicap accessible caches that don’t suck. Let me hear your ideas.


2 thoughts on “Surgery can’t stop a geocacher!

  1. Wow, your wanting to create handicap accessible caches that are challenging is awesome! I will definitely check them out, as I have trouble navigating due to health reasons. What about some inside caches that would be challenging and fun, and keep us out of the elements; caches that we could take at a slower pace? Caches on routes that provide some rest benches or areas, and some shade in the summer? Caches that aren’t power trails…

    Thanks for wanting to do this!!!


    1. Peggi I haven’t thought of a way to do caches indoors but I have looked into ones along a trail that have benches and are wide enough for a chair. I think to make them s challenge they will need to be more puzzle intense. Let’s just see what we can come up with.

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