eventWe recently achieved a milestone within our hobby of geocaching. As this title suggests we attended our 75th geocaching event since our first one in February of 2012. We love the event/social aspect go geocaching and we were quite surprised when we went to log our most recent event and saw that it was number 75. While we don’t normally pay attention to milestones and don’t want to get too caught up in numbers as milestones, this number represents a lot of fun for us. While looking at events we have attended we also noticed that we have hosted/published 24 events. Again, this is wild since we didn’t host our first even until March of last year.


Do you keep up with milestones?

2 thoughts on “Geocaching Milestone: 75 events

  1. Even though I started my blog to commemorate reaching 1000 finds, I don’t keep up with that many milestones. I don’t have a premium account, which makes it harder. My husband is really into it, though, so I kind of keep track of them through him. I don’t think I’ve been to 75 events, I think it’s only a couple of dozen, but I like events!

    1. We actually started our blog to chronicle our geocaching adventures as well. We are not big into numbers but certain things we do like to make note of. We are definitely more interested in the adventure than the numbers that go along with it.

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