eventIf we really had to pin it down we would admit that we are travelers first and geocaches second. In fact, one day we hope to travel full time like Josh and Liz of Peanuts and Pretzels.Until then, we just have to look for opportunities to geocache and travel whenever possible. One of the greatest aspects of geocaching is that you can publish an event essentially anywhere and geocachers will show up. We did this for the first time while traveling to the east coast. We stopped the first night in Rhode Island and hosted an event in the lobby of our hotel. We have since hosted events whenever we travel. We try to bring as many travel bugs as we can get our hands on. We also have our standard leather journal as our logbook that we use for all of our events.  I have seen a few other geocachers publish such events a s they travel. I’m really surprised that it doesn’t happen more often.

As we intend to continue these events, I’m curious as how to improve them.


What are your thoughts on what would make a good great traveling event?

What happens if no one shows up? (Do you still claim an Attend?)

Why would or wouldn’t you host an event out of town?



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