The problem with Munzee

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 10.22.52 AMMunzee, for those not familiar, is a geolocation game similar to Geocaching or Ingress. We have dabbled a few times with Munzee and like the idea. Heck its a game that gets you outdoors. Our youngest family member especially likes Munzee because she likes to scan the QR codes with the app. If we stumble upon a Munzee we will capture it and get our points. Other than in the very beginning, we do not go on Munzee specific outings. So, if its fun why are we not all in?

The answer, at least for me, is quite simple. There is no terrain rating for Munzees. Why does that matter? We are hikers. We love to trudge through snow and stand on top of mountains. Again, how does this affect our appreciation of Munzee? The problem as I see it is that if someone slaps a sticker on the side of a utility box, there is no distinction between that and one hidden inside a waterproof box at the top of a mountain or under the ocean. If you set the system up to view both of those as equal, why would anyone get creative and hide a Munzee that would be considered an adventure? Well, they wouldn’t and if they did none would bother to go after them anyway. It wouldn’t make sense.

I have seen where Munzee assigns differing point values to “special” Munzees. I would like to see them develop a point system based on how difficult the journey to cap the Munzee truly is.

For now, we will continue to hide Munzees inside our geocaches and cap them when we happen to come across them but I don’t see much more. All games evolve and we will watch as Munzee does the same.

Should Munzee assign a sliding scale for points based on difficulty?

Memfis Mafia on Munzee


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