Geocaching with GeoDogs


Who is the best companion for geocaching? For me its Tom, or GeoTom, as he has now come to be known by the geocaching community. Why is Tom such a great partner? Well, he never has a scheduling conflict. He is always excited no matter how difficult the hike might be. He can even share the burden of my hiking pack.

A quick backstory on our GeoDog:

Tom came to us as part of us working with Animal Rescue of the Rockies. We are what is commonly called failed foster parents. That means we took Tom in from a kill shelter with the intention of working on his socialization enough to be adoptable. Long story short, by the time Tom was ready for adoption we could not let him go. Hence, failed foster parents. Moving forward, wTom was still scared of people, noises, and just about everything. In an attempt to get him to come out of his shell I took him out hiking with me. While we were out away from people and established trails, he became a new dog. He was confident, happy, and very playful. GeoTom was born.

Since finding out that Tom was a great hiking companion, he has been on many, many adventures with us. Tom has been on difficult hikes, power trails, and urban cache runs. He prefers to be out away from people but gets just as excited on short cache runs around town. Tom has also been the inspiration for a popular series of geocaches called appropriately “Hiking With GeoTom”. So far the series consists of five Traditional geocaches, one Wherigo geocache, and one EarthCache. There is also one EarthCache on the way (hopefully soon).

Have you geocached with your dog (or cat or goldfish)?

We didn’t event geocaching with our dog of course. There are cachers in our area that have taken their GeoPet on more caching runs and hikes than we can count. There are some cachers that I have never seen without their GeoPets. With all of this in mind, we started to think….

Why aren’t there any events focusing on GeoPets?

After pondering for a few minutes we decided we are going to put together an event at a local dog park. The thought being that cachers that already cache with their GeoPets will bring their partners without question. Other cacher that have GeoPets but don’t currently cache with them might be encouraged to give it a try. The last category would be cachers that don;t have pets. Who knows, maybe they will get the urge to go adopt one. We will update this thread once we put the event together.

What would make an event like this successful?


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