World Building: Oxeefar and Eshidu

Some of you know that when I’m not risking my life for geocaches, I also write short stories and novels. So far I have written some Science Fiction, some Detective stories, and even some random non-sense short stories. One aspect of writing I particularly enjoy is building the environment in which the story takes place. This is referred to as world building.

As part of the world building process for my SciFi novel Croatoan, I asked myself what would life be like for the residents of Osage before the cataclysmic events that were referenced in the novel? I started writing about some of the characters and soon something odd happened. I began to be invested in the lives of these characters. That sounds like a good thing yet I knew what their future held. I knew what that their lives would soon be spiraling out of control. Here is an excerpt from two of those characters.

Oxeefar threw himself out of his bed and stretched, letting out a bellowing yawn. This was equally out of true form and for show. His wife, Eshidu, never listened to the morning tone and chose to only open her eyes when Oxeefar let out his roar.

“Morning sunshine.” Oxeefar teased through a cough.

Oxeefar joked with her as he had done every day of their five year marriage and courtship. Eshidu hated they way she looked when she first woke yet Oxeefar repeatedly told her it was one of the things he loved most about her.

“I’m awake. You sound like an old man. Are you coughing?” Eshidu playfully teased him back.

They were both truly happy and realized how lucky they were to have truly found their soul mates. Every day they woke three hours before their shifts and used the time to discuss their life and often compare its current state to the alternative if they had never left Earth. Today was like no other except that it was their anniversary and they both were excited to see what creative excursion the other had planned.

The settlement on the planet Osage, and everyone inhabiting it, existed to support the main research facility. Oxeefar and Eshidu were both engineers assigned to…(continue reading)

Croatoan Version 2 Croatoan

A collaboration of the most brilliant scientific minds from Earth are banded together on the research planet Osage with hopes to bring an end to famine, disease, the energy crisis, and more. When tragedy strikes and a devastating virus sweeps the planet, all communication is lost.

Twelve years later, the world is desperate for answers. Science again turns to the most brilliant minds it can assemble and the Osage Exploratory Compendium is formed. Aboard the Ares Seven, Kalo Massey and other members of the OEC embark on an extended voyage in an attempt to land on Osage. Their mission is to answer questions that have plagued the world regarding the inhabitants of this lost planet.

Like any mystery, answers never come without being accompanied by more questions. Osage is no different and the new questions come with more peril than anyone could have possibly imagined.


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