For the next installment, I wanted to see how the division between some of the scientists and maintenance workers would play out. Despite everyone being on-planet for a particular purpose there are a couple things that tend to happen across all situations. There is always an us vs. them and people always find their way into romance. The story that follows begins to explore those concepts.

“Are you going or not?” Kiran asked again.

“I don’t know, Kiran. Are you sure about this?” Andre was still apprehensive but Kiran’s resolve and his own interest were overwhelming his fear. “I want to go but I have heard a few things about the workers. I hear they can be less than friendly. I’m not into taking a beating even if they are as impressive as you say.”

“Andre, I’m telling you I have been talking with Alana for a week and she said this place is going to be beyond capacity. There will be so many women there, even you can’t fail. Its either that or stay here. How has that been working for you? It will be fun. We need some of that, with everybody out we have been killing ourselves here. Come on…” (read more)

Croatoan Version 2Croatoan –

A collaboration of the most brilliant scientific minds from Earth are banded together on the research planet Osage with hopes to bring an end to famine, disease, the energy crisis, and more. When tragedy strikes and a devastating virus sweeps the planet, all communication is lost.

Twelve years later, the world is desperate for answers. Science again turns to the most brilliant minds it can assemble and the Osage Exploratory Compendium is formed. Aboard the Ares Seven, Kalo Massey and other members of the OEC embark on an extended voyage in an attempt to land on Osage. Their mission is to answer questions that have plagued the world regarding the inhabitants of this lost planet.

Like any mystery, answers never come without being accompanied by more questions. Osage is no different and the new questions come with more peril than anyone could have possibly imagined.

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