Trackable Song

I came across this video on youtube a week or so ago. I watched it and even logged the trackable video. Many of you may have seen this and could not make it through the video. Some watched and logged like us. For some of you this maybe be brand new. Some of you may have thought – “hey that’s cheating!”. If you fall into the last category, remove the stick. Its still a game.

If you fall in any of the other categories, good for you. You remember this is supposed to be fun. I have kids so seeing another silly musical video was nothing. If you don’t have kids this video can be a little much. Give it a minute and scroll to the end if you have to. If its new, watch it. No matter which category you fall in you have to at least appreciate the creativity. I know we did. My youngest and I even watched it twice.

So what’s next? I think it’s great when cachers come up with something new and creative. I think we all need to constantly be brainstorming to elevate the game.

What ideas can you come up with to do more with videos?

What is something fun you can do with trackables?

(I am not advocating logging anyone’s trackable numbers without their explicit permission.)



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