World Building: Outside the gate

It’s time to ramp up the danger for some of my characters. Someone had to be outside when the event happened and unfortunately for these two characters it was them. In this short section I am still writing within the timeline of the early days of the incident. Enjoy.

Pia and Emma sat in silence as another unbelievable report appeared in their visors. It had never been done and was all but impossible yet Pia had convinced herself that the system was hacked and the reports were faked. For three days, they had been horrified at the stories of an outbreak coming from the Osage News Service. ONS was the only broadcast since the emergency protocol had been enacted. No other reports were coming across and all attempts at communicating with their facility group had been in vain. Pia tried once more to open the communication channel but got no response from her arm unit.

“Emma, Its still not working.” (more)



Croatoan Version 2Croatoan –

A collaboration of the most brilliant scientific minds from Earth are banded together on the research planet Osage with hopes to bring an end to famine, disease, the energy crisis, and more. When tragedy strikes and a devastating virus sweeps the planet, all communication is lost.

Twelve years later, the world is desperate for answers. Science again turns to the most brilliant minds it can assemble and the Osage Exploratory Compendium is formed. Aboard the Ares Seven, Kalo Massey and other members of the OEC embark on an extended voyage in an attempt to land on Osage. Their mission is to answer questions that have plagued the world regarding the inhabitants of this lost planet.

Like any mystery, answers never come without being accompanied by more questions. Osage is no different and the new questions come with more peril than anyone could have possibly imagined.

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