Our CITO was successful

CITO group photo

Yes, CITOs are successful anytime they occur in the respect that we as geocachers get a chance to give back to the community. In this case we did that cleaning up a state park soon after 4th of July. I could be calling this one successful because this is the first CITO, we have hosted a as family and none was electrocuted or eaten by a bear. Nope, well both of those things are true but it still not what I’m talking about. I could also say that it was successful because I didn’t break a hip. You laugh but on Monday (today is Saturday) I had my second total hip replacement. I know you what are thinking – what kind of moron schedules a CITO and hip surgery in the same week. The short answer is me but the answer that makes me look not so bad it that there were thing moved around. Either way, I didn’t break a hip and that is still not why I am calling this one successful.

This was me Monday.
This was me Monday.

Today’s CITO – GC5NHB5 Let’s Clean Up Boyd Lake – was attended by 30 or so cachers and a couple non-cachers. I won’t know for sure until people get a chance to log their ATTENDED. Heck, it’s a nice day so they are probably still out geocaching. We had more than enough people to pick up the trash which consisted mainly of discarded bottles, cigarette butts, assorted paper trash, and three tennis shoes. We ate donuts and granola bars and exchanged a few trackables.

Our contact from the Boyd Lake State Park was a staff naturalist who was very helpful. She supplied us with water, trash bags, and gloves. Since I wasn’t doing much more than limping and getting people water, we had a good bit of time to chat. We talked about geocaching and the possibility of future cooperative projects with the park. She seemed interested and polite but didn’t go crazy.

A couple hours after I got home, I get a notification that a cacher has logged the CITO and I don’t recognize the name – boydinterp. Then it hits me “boydinterp” is short for Boyd Interpreter. Very cool I guess she was listening and interested. A quick click on her profile and I see that not only did she create an account and log the event but after she went out and found six caches. Yes! Score! We converted another one to the dark side. How cool is that? So, not only did we convince a state park,  that could have gone either way, that geocaching is a good thing – we created a real life geocacher. CITO = successful


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