GClogoGeocaching has a great community of people that really enjoy the game and want to give back. Here in Colorado, we have a mysterious cacher that has been hiding Geocoins around the state and then quietly posting their coordinates on the state geocaching Facebook group. Of course, as soon as he/she does – the race is on! Its like an on going FTF race with a guaranteed prize for the finder.



How awesome is that? I think it is one of the coolest things I have seen since we started geocaching. As a family, we decided that we want to build on this idea and expand the game. This evening we are starting our version. We will be hiding a geocaching related item somewhere in Colorado. The finder of this item get a free custom built Wherigo. This could mean a new icon for some or a really crazy complex Wherigo for others.


The hope for this expansion of the game is of course that people will have fun with it but also that new Wherigos will start popping up. It seems like a win on both fronts. We have hidden the first item and will announce its location tonight. If you are in Colorado, get out and get your free custom Wherigo. If you are somewhere else, think how you might be able to play this game in your area. Leave a comment if you give it a try.

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