Multicaches – love, hate, or meh?

If you have been geocaching for any amount of time you have come across a multi cache, we all have. This is where our commonality ends. Cachers tend to fall into one of three categories after that. You either love, hate or just don’t care about them. We have gone through a few stages in our house. At first, we were intrigued by the idea of a multi stage adventure. Then we tried to find a few and we got stuck a stage or two in. You probably know the frustration of not being able to finish a geocache you have started. Its that I’m going to murder kittens level frustration that makes you instantly glad you don’t control nuclear weapons.

Probably obvious but we laid off multicaches for a long time. When only started doing them again for a nearby challenge cache that required us to find 25 of them (and other types). Currently we have still only found 30 multis. I would like to blame it on everyone else but we haven’t done much to help the amount of quality multis in the area. There are some great ones and then there are the ones that are just two or three traditionals crammed together. Why not just grab three traditionals? We have found some that require additional calculations, a strenuous hike, or where they have incorporated a cool storyline. Those are rare. In fact, for us there are very few multis on our favorites list.

Instead of just complaining about the general lack of creativity, we have decided to put our money cash cache where our mouth is and see what we can come up with.

The question I have is:

Multicaches – love, hate, or meh?

What are your thoughts? Also, what is the coolest multi you have come across.


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