Upgrading your profile

I think as geocachers we all want to improve every aspect of our game. One of those aspects that we tend to neglect is our public profile page on Geocaching.com. Most  of the cachers’ profiles  that I’ve come across either have posted stats from a third-party application or maybe a couple pictures and that’s the extent of  their profile page

this has always seemed odd to me. In a high-tech adventure game – It’s essentially a webpage that many of us are underutilizing or even leaving blank.

In the past I have added some stats that I got from project-GC.com and mygeocachingprofile.com both of which just left it looking kind of cluttered and junky.

I decided recently that I was going to start from scratch with the whole profile page. I searched around to see other example to draw inspiration from. I found a few that didn’t suck but the field was pretty empty. Finally, I came across the geocaching profile for AddHam. His profile was/is by far the coolest I have come across in the game. Go check it out, its worth your time.

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 11.37.10 AM.png

We have since updated our profile, taking many aspects from AddHam and  putting our spin on it. We added a couple photos, some of our interests in the game and even hidden a couple dozen trackable numbers on the page.

After doing so we thought we might try and help others update their pages as well. The best way we could come up with to do this was to host a workshop event we called HTML for geocachers. Those in attendance seemed to take the information and seemed excited. This didn’t necessarily translate into a slew of updated profile pages. We are not going to give up so easily. We will host a couple more workshop events this year. Who knows? We may even offer some type of reward for best profile page at one of our events.

What are your thoughts on the profile page? Are they another aspect of our game to elevate or do they just not matter?


7 thoughts on “Upgrading your profile

  1. I tried to look at your profile on the geocaching site, but I couldn’t see it, the direct link didn’t work for me. I finally got to it by clicking through your workshop link and then on your name. That got me to the profile page in which all your nice information was in a little window that I had to scroll up and down through. Finally, when I clicked on Profile Information (the words themselves) it showed it all to me at once, on one page. It looks very nice. Wow!

    But I think something like that may be more work than most people want to put in. Especially since you don’t see it immediately when you get to the profile page, but instead have to click on something non-intuitive in order to see it.

  2. Yeah, that’s a new thing groundspeak is doing with the profile page. I don’t know if it is permanent but I don’t like it. It normally shows the entire page when you land on the public profile page. I hope they haven’t taken that away from us.

  3. I have that on mine and it only shows as a window on the page until the whole profile has loaded. It then shows it as a single page

  4. I also find it annoying when geocaching.com has done with profiles lately. Some days it seems to work great, some days it doesn’t. When I go look at AddHam’s profile it all shows up in a tiny little box

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