Kicking Butt, Taking Names and Turning 40

I turned 40 a few weeks ago.  It was harder than I thought it would be.  The lead up was no big deal.  I convinced myself it was just a number.  It was just another year.  The day came and went with no fanfare.  It was just another day.
It was the just another day part that got me to thinking.  My thirties had not been the best decade and yet here I was turning 40 and living the exact same day I had lived when I was 39. Did I want to keep living the same life I had lived last week or last month or last year?  Did I want to wake up every morning with a pit in my stomach wondering what stress would send me over the edge that day?  The overwhelming voice in my head and heart said emphatically NO!
I want to make a change.  I want to start living each day differently.  I want to focus on me and work on enriching my life.  I figure making me a better person will also make me a better wife and a better mother.  Why not make all of the changes at 40? There really is no better time.  For me, 40 is going to be the beginning of a new life instead of the dread that usually accompanies this crazy age.
I decided to start with a 40 at 40 list full of things that focus on health, travel, enlightenment, learning, etc.  I have even left a few items blank so that I can call an audible throughout the year.  My goal is to tackle these things over the next year and then reflect at what is hopefully a year of growing, maturing and finding the sunshine in every day.
Here it goes, here is my 40 at 40 list.
1.  Get a tattoo
2.  Take a picture every day starting on 1/7/16 and ending on 41st birthday – compile this in a year in review slide show
3.  Get in shape and wear one of those hot UFC shirts
4.  Run a 5k
5.  Hike a 14er
6.  Get better at controlling my anxiety
7.  Attend a yoga class
8.  Join a bowling league
9.  Hot air balloon ride
10.  Brew beer at home
11.  Write a book or at least blog regularly
12.  Go zip lining
13.  Learn Spanish again
14.  Make progress on getting out of debt
15.  Catch a last minute flight to a random destination
16.  Visit the 4 corners area
17.  Watch UFC in Vegas
18.  Visit every county in Colorado
19.  Go to at least 5 quirky and random summer festivals
20.  Take a kickboxing class
21.  Learn to cook a soufflé
22.  Write a blog about the 40 at 40 experience
23.  Eat at one of the top 100 restaurants in the world
24.  Start an indoor herb garden and actually keep it alive
25.  Sign up to be a bone marrow donor or at least research the process
26.  Hike to a waterfall in Colorado
27.  Play bingo at a Bingo hall
28.  Research at least 6 different countries on different continents this year and make a meal that would be eaten in each
29.  Watch top 25 classic movies of all time
30.  Read 10 books of different genres
31.  Take another cooking class
32.  Drink or buy a bottle of Dom
33.  Stranahans Distillery tour
34.  Moab under canvas
35.  Create a dream board and encourage the family to do so as well
36.  Complete a purge of belongings and only keep what I have to have
37.  Go to a major sporting event such as World Series, All Star Game, College Playoff, Super Bowl, March Madness, etc.
38.  Something to add as the year goes on
39.  Something to add as the year goes on
40.  Something to add as the year goes on

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