GeoDate – round 3



This Sunday, we (Memfis and GeoWifey) went out for another day of what we are now calling our GeoDates. We have been married for roughly 300 years. I’m rounding of course, but one of the things we have always tried to keep going are our dates. Now, since we have two crazy girls that are involved in sports and drama and school activities, every night of the week has been filled. That leaves the weekend and more specifically the daytime on Sunday. What can you do during the day on a Sunday? Geocaching of course. That’s how we came up with our GeoDates.

We started our day with breakfast from a gas station. You can’t beat gasIMG_2950 station food to start a fun road trip day. We then headed to Golden CO (last week was Cheyenne WY). We cached around for a while until we stumbled upon Woody’s Wood Fired Pizza. Finding new local places to eat is a must for every GeoDate.  We walked in and noticed the place was full which, of course, is a good sign. We both took seats at the bar and began to peruse the menu for what would be our guilty pleasure of the day.  The beers had just been set on the bar when we spied on the menu what could only be described as a little piece of heaven…sticky piggy sticks.  What is a sticky piggy stick? It is brown sugar, peppered bacon with a spicy hot-honey habanero dipping sauce.  The name did not disappoint.  It was amazing!

After stuffing ourselves and enjoying a frosty beverage, we continued our quest to find 30 geocaches.  Golden was a great place for geocaching.  We found some really great caches and did in fact manage to get our 30 for the day and checked one off of our Jasmer list. Not bad for a day that started at 5° with a lot of snow still on the ground. Can’t wait for our next GeoDate.


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