No more HTML in geocaching logs


Oh no! Does this mean all logs now have to be TFTC?

Of course not. On February 2, 2016, Groundspeak is switching to Markdown as the new language of logging your geocaches. You can read the full article here. If you have no idea what this means, its ok because you don’t have to learn anything new. There will be a window to preview your logs and easy to use editor tools much like you would see with any modern email service.

If you, like us, have spent time learning HTML and BB code to gussy up your logs…meh, this will still be easier. It also appears according to the practice site that you will now be able to add a header and photos directly into your log.

Try it (here).

Unfortunately, any old logs that had BB code or HTML will display all wonky until you go back and convert them yourself. This will not be an automatic switchover as the logs will no longer output these languages after February 2, 2016. Go ahead, yell and scream for a minute that you are not going to go back and update your logs. Go ahead, I’ll wait….


Ok good, now that you have that out of your system you just have to accept that you will eventually update your old logs so that they conform to the new format.

So what does this mean for us as geocachers?

  • Easier enhanced logs for those of you that like to go the extra mile
  • This will not affect any cache pages so your puzzles are safe
  • Those TFTC logger can… OK they won’t change
  • Some cachers may need a little assistance in switching over*
  • Wherigo will get an update**

*If you have cachers in your area that are resistant to every single change made by Groundspeak, you may have to ease the transition a bit. We will likely host a workshop event covering these changes. Coffee and talking about geocaching logs sure is an easy way to earn a smiley.


**Ok, I made that part up.




5 thoughts on “No more HTML in geocaching logs

  1. Jesse, Thank you for your info! iugh (our kitty just typed this when walking across the keyboard) iugh.. I suppose you said something stronger when this change was announced.

    The change will indeed be a lot easier for those of us that were just FTFing & not jazzing it up. Hmm, I suspect more logs will be longer because of this new technique. Maybe not, since color fonts will not be supported. Anyway..

    Happy Caching, Sue – estrek

  2. Good, I like that pictures will be easier to put directly in your logs. I often include pictures and viewing them on the site as they are now is a bit cumbersome.

    But since I got the iPhone app I just log as I go, from my phone, and that’s much better. I’m almost through my logging backlog, and it’s so nice to not be falling further behind as I find new caches.

  3. You missed the part on that article where it said inline images are not supported.

    “For a feel of what Markdown options can look like, see http://www.toptensof…downdeep/dingus. It shows essentially how the web view will look at the top of the page – including the WYSIWYG and preview. Not every feature listed in this example will be supported, such as inline image support (use of the gallery images is the only way to add images) or anything under “Extra Mode”, and will result in a line break.”

    You will still be able to add images as you do today.

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