5 D 5T geocaching


We love all types of geocaching as a family but there is one category of geocaches that I get really excited about  – 5/5s. Technically this category encompasses a wide variety of caches, especially considering the currently frozen category of Challenge caches. The ones I’m speaking of though are true 5 difficulty and 5 terrain caches. I know this is subjective and I am by no means an expert but… after several months of recovering from a couple major surgeries, I’m more excited than ever to engage in a true geocaching adventure. I have my eyes set on a couple of them. I need these now more than ever. Unfortunately I’m still healing and some of them are outside of my state. That’s ok. that just means I have more time to plan and sucker convince some other cachers into joining me.

One of my major motivations for making these plans is to satisfy a challenge put out by my own daughter the 5 x 5 x 5 Challenge. This particular challenge requires you to find a 5/5 geocache in 5 different categories. This can not include other challenges or events. To add to the difficulty, there is only one 5/5 Wherigo in my state and I own it.

So far, I have these categories completed:

Traditional – GCNT2Z7 Shall We Gather at the River

Mystery – GC1ZAD1 Wyrmholes

I have my eyes set on these caches:

Virtual – GCBD5E Lone Tree (Oklahoma)

Multi-cache – GCHAAF Carolyn’s Cache (Colorado)

Letterbox – GC51HEK Stegosaurus (New Mexico)

Wherigo – GC65HYC Stonelick Paddle Cache (Ohio)

… and last but definitely not least…

Earthcache – GC2JWK8 Rim to Rim (Arizona)

This last one requires a hike into and out of the Grand Canyon. I am most excited about it. I don’t know when its going to happen but it will happen. I will post our progress on this challenge as 2016 rolls on.







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