Ultimate Geocacher list?

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I got into a discussion with a few geocachers the other day and we ended up trying to come up with the seminal list for geocaching. This list was not to be for total finds or hides. Instead we aimed at concentrating on the true experiences geocaching can produce for a cacher or caching family. Here is the list we came up with but would love to hear from other cachers as to what they would include.



This has to be on the list since this is basically our Meca, right? I know many cachers who were lucky enough to have visited HQ while Block Party was still active. We missed out on that experience but we have our trip planned for Seattle (and Oregon and Vancouver) for the first week in April. Along with the HQ visit we also plan to do their GeoTour. That has to be pretty epic being that close to HQ.

Can o’ beans

Yes, that can of beans. It is still floating around out there in the hands of one particular geocacher that brings it out to certain MEGAs. I know that it was trackable at one point but I believe that after some nastiness it is currently locked. Maybe it will be discoverable again one day. We were lucky enough to see it early on in our geocaching days at GeocoinFest 2012 in Denver.


The E.T Highway has become very famous among well, basically all geocachers.  It has thousands of geocaches, its own coin, and its own website. It is currently being maintained by Whtwolfden and Clay4. Both are long time and still active geocachers in Nevada. While powertrails are not for everybody, and not for us most of the time, this is different. They way we envision embarking upon the ET Highway is to gather a group of a dozen(ish) geocachers and have a great week long road trip.

The APE cache

Project A.P.E. was a special series of geocaches placed in coordination with the release of the 2001 movie Planet of the Apes. The only remaining Project APE geocache is in São Paulo, Brazil. That will make this item one of the hardest on the list to accomplish.

Hide one of each type

This is something that most competitive or at least creative geocacher will accomplish if they stay in the game for long. There are 9 main types of geocaches that can currently be published. I consider it giving back to the community when a geocacher spends the time and effort to devise, build, and seek permission, and publish geocaches in the different categories. It took us a while but we have completed this one… for now. We suspect there will be a new type starting in April so it will be back to the drawing board for us.

Find 5×5 all types

This item is obviously not for everyone but it still a goal worth chasing is you are of the adventurous type. This one is more of a personal goal as we all know the difficulty and Terrain can be “fudged” on caches just to inflate statistics. Those people will always be those people. We have this on our list and have mapped out caches across the country to satisfy it. Again, it is the experiences we are after.

The Stash plaque

The Original geocache was hidden by Dave Ulmer, a computer consultant, who wanted to test the accuracy of the GPS by hiding a navigational target in the woods. While that “stash” is no longer in place, Groundspeak has erected a plaque in its place. This one makes the list for the significance of basically the origin of our hobby. If nothing else it will make a great photo.

The Challenges

Fizzy, Jasmer, Delorme/State Counties, and 366 are the classic challenges that all geocachers end up trying to complete. There are many other challenges but these are the main ones that embody travel, varying levels of terrain and difficulty, and targeting historical geocaches. We are have finished the 366 Calendar challenge and are still working on the rest. We have found it adds something extra to our travels when we are looking forward to that one particularly old or special cache in the area.

We hope to expand upon this list as we learn more about geocaching. Do you have a list? What else should be on our list?


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