The 40 at 40 list has turned out to be a little harder than I first imagined.  Almost a month has gone by and I haven’t really made much progress towards tackling this list.  I have managed to start a few things and even mark one off the list even though I cheated a little and did it before the list went out.


Back in August, 2015, I got a tattoo.  It was a knee-jerk decision that I had been thinking about for years.  I know, that doesn’t make sense but it really does.  I am a prude.  I have always wanted to do something wild and crazy but it just isn’t part of my personality.  The wildest thing I had ever done, up until this tattoo, was sneak a bottle of Bailey’s into Wrigley Field to mix with hot chocolate and I didn’t even sneak it in.  I was too scared!


The same folks that snuck in that bottle were also present for the tattoo incident.  Our dear friends from Tennessee and my husband seem to make a game out of trying to get me to come out of my shell and do something wild and crazy. They have never really succeeded until this night.


For years, I have talked about getting a tattoo.  I just never quite worked up the guts to do it.  There was always something that I was worried about.  Was the tattoo parlor sanitary? What kind of tattoo would I get? Where would I put the tattoo?  I came close during one trip to Chicago.  I texted my sister my idea for a tattoo.  My sister is without a doubt the wildest person I know.  She soaped the school windows in junior high. She snuck out of the movies and got caught by her teacher in the 6th grade.  She always seemed to be proud of her craziness and took her punishment like a trooper while I stood by mortified and a little jealous that I wasn’t wild and crazy like her.  Anyway, I called my sister to tell her about this tattoo and her words were “Think long and hard. Those things are permanent.”  What the heck? The chick that has a ton of tattoos is cautioning me about getting one.  Well, needless to say, that rocked to me core and no tattoo would be had in Chicago.


This brings us to Denver, 2015.  We were having a great time in Downtown Denver along with our friends from Tennessee when the topic of a tattoo came up again.  The constant nagging and begging for me to get a tattoo started.  I again used my same old excuses.  I don’t where to get it.  I don’t know what to get.  The hubby decided to draw out a sketch that means nothing to the outside world but does mean something to us and our friends.  I don’t know what got in to me but I said yes.  I said, “Let’s do it!”  So here we go, down the street to the nearest tattoo parlor which had come highly recommended by the bartender with which we were chatting.


I just remember my hubby kind of shocked that I was doing it.  One friend was constantly telling me that it wouldn’t hurt while her husband said over and over “I ain’t gonna lie.  It hurts!”  None of this was enough to dissuade me from doing probably the wildest thing I have ever done in my almost 40 years (I wasn’t quite 40 when this happened.)  I got the tattoo and even chatted the tattoo artist up about the most recent season of Ink Masters.  For some reason, her knowledge of Ink Masters and her claim that she knew two of the contestants convinced me she was a Tattoo Rock Star!  The tattooing lasted all of about 10 minutes.  At first, it didn’t hurt but around minute 7 it started to annoy me and I was really glad when she was done.


I did it!  I got a tattoo!  I spent the next week, out of town on business, convinced I wasn’t washing it correctly or using enough or the right kind of lotion.  Just proof that for about 10 minutes I can live outside of my comfort zone until that Type A soul in me comes out with a vengeance. Ha ha!  Everyone was excited that I went through with it including my kids.  My kids even know how much of stick in the mud I am and were shocked that I did it.  I think my even more prudish mother was a little excited!


Five months later, I still look at my ankle and find myself shocked every now and then that I really did get a tattoo.  I probably will never get another tattoo.  It’s just not something I am into but I am really glad for the one I have.  It means something to the hubs and I and our best friends.  It is a private joke among the four of us but more than that it is proof that for 10 minutes in August…I lived like a wild child!
Mark this one off the list!
  1.  Get a Tattoo

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