GC1ZAD1 Wyrmholes (5×5)


My very first 5×5 was a puzzle cache called Wyrmholes in Colorado Springs, CO. I had been eyeing it for a long time but had not built up the courage to go down and brave a whole day underground. Yep, you read that right. Wyrmholes was (it has since been archived) a series of puzzles that required you to walk, crouch, crawl, and even squeeze into a series of tunnels to find the clues to the next stages.

4587c98c-c704-4204-bee9-3183ad79f2dc_lSo that I didn’t die, a few friends and I put together a secret Facebook group to make our plans to tackle this one as a group. We planned for several weeks and then finally decided to go for it in the beginning of May 2014. The TOTT (tools of the trade) for this particular adventure included. flashlights, headlamps, knee pads, helmets, gloves, notepads and pens, and a bunch of protective clothing. I am very glad we did because we came across several eight legged muggles that would have been more than happy to taste us. We saw evidence of raccoons and rats as well but luckily they didn’t come out to geocache with us on this particular day.


The day consisted of multiple trips in and out of the tunnels. We would make our way down a tunnel and search and search until we came across the next stage. The good news is that all of the stages were either mounted ammo cans or some similar level of quality. We weren’t looking for haphazardly dropped medicine bottles in the sewer.

When we did find a stage, it meant everyone coming out of the tunnels and gathering to work on the next riddle. These were fairly difficult riddles that took some brain power and a small amount of yelling arguing collaborating.

By the end of the day, half a dozen of us spent close to twelve hours mucking through drain water and avoiding snakes and spiders just to get one smiley. Was it worth it? Hell yes. I have been hooked on trying to find adventures like that since that day. Yes 5x5s can be inflated challenges and I have done a few of those but what really makes geocaching exciting is those adventures. The ones that take a group, serious planning, some safety equipment, and some majorly stubborn geocachers. I look forward to risking life and limb again as soon as I find my next target.



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