Colorado County Challenge


This year one of our geocaching goals is to visit every county in Colorado. Ok, we also plan to geocache while we are making our way through. This will satisfy a Challenge Cache that we signed a while back but it will also mark off an item on Mafia Wife’s 40@40 list. Item number 18 to be exact. This is a harder one on the list because Colorado is the 8th largest state, with 64 counties and a total of 104,094 square miles. This 380 miles by 280 mile state contains a lot of mount driving and one of the most remote locations in the United States – Hinsdale County. Located in southwest Colorado, Hinsdale County has more roadless land per capita than anywhere else in the contiguous United States, according to a U.S. Geological Survey study. Not surprisingly however, there are geocaches in Hinsdale County. Go cachers!

Our progress so far is not too bad, racking up 27 of the 64 counties. We are currently working on two road trips which could knock out the rest of the counties. The first road trip would be to the southeastern part of the state and would bag us 10 counties. It would take us two long days but should be a lot of fun. We will most likely end up staying overnight in Pueblo CO which of course has some good caches and the Pueblo Zoo. We are Zoo nerds so this is great for us.

The second road trip would be a little more intense as we would be going after 27 counties in one long three, or more likely four, day weekend. We would need to cover several hundred miles but we would be able to finish off the challenge and mark off #18. Plus we would stay a night in Durango and probably a night in Silverton as well.

I will post as we progress through this crazy goal.


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