Happy Birthday Miley! Today, my baby girl turned 9 years old. I seriously can’t believe she is already 9. It seems like just yesterday she was that spunky little redhead that wouldn’t go anywhere without her tiara. Time just seems to travel so fast and then at other times just stand still. Unfortunately, it tends to be the good times that just zoom by and the bad times that want to hang around forever. This past week has been one of those yucky ones that seemed to just crawl. Thankfully, we were able to put the icky moments of the week aside and have a fabulous weekend celebrating our little Princess’ birthday and spend some quality time with our geocaching friends.

It is the yucky weeks that remind me that I really need to find and make time for my 40 @ 40 list. So far, I haven’t done a very good job. The whole goal of the list was to have some “me” time this year in hopes that this “me” time would make me a better person at home and better equipped to deal with some of these yucky weeks that have tended to plague us over the last few years.

What is holding me back from really getting out there and tackling this list? I could say it is my busy work schedule. I could blame it on my little diva dog that is in need of serious training. I could blame it on the busy schedules my kids keep these days. I could blame it on the stress of my husband losing his career due to injury.  I could blame it on a lot of things but the reality is that it isn’t any of these real life moments. The one true thing that is holding me up from diving into this list is quite simply…ME.

It is amazing how fear and anxiety can work against you. I can’t tell you how many times I have sat down in front of this computer only to put it away completely terrified to put something out there for others to read. I look at my list and immediately become overwhelmed which leads to a freak out moment and then the list gets put away as well. Anxiety stinks. Ironically, better controlling my anxiety is #6 on the list. It just sits there taunting me and daring me not to come out on top.

Well, procrastination no more! Anxiety is taking a back seat. I am moving to the driver seat, taking the wheel and steering myself into a whole new world of fun and adventure. I guess I better buckle up for all of the bumps that lie ahead. After all, a smooth ride would just be boring.

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