I went for my first hike today! Ok, it was my first hike since getting upgraded last summer by getting two new hips installed. The recovery has taken a while but I ventured out today just to see how I could handle an easy-ish hike. The original plan was to hike Horsetooth but when we got to the trailhead the lot was full. So full in fact that a ranger turned us away. So, not to be deterred we headed over to Lory State Park and jumped on Arthur’s Rock Trail. This would prove to be a pretty good test because I hiked it a few times before my surgery. In fact I hosted a hiking event and published an EarthCache and a Wherigo in the Park. I knew how it should feel and wanted to see how I fared now.

I have good news to report – I made it! For those that have hiked this one before you would probably not celebrate as much as I am right now but this is good sign. I still have a long way to go in my recovery but I completed a hike. I am hoping this is the first step in many hikes to come. As I am writing this blog, I feel the stiffness creeping in but I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I’m sore – yet at least.

The goal is of course to recover fully and ultimately hike the Grand Canyon. I know that is quite a stretch from what I accomplished today but I’ll get there.

I wonder which hike should I tackle next?


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