During our recent visit to Geocaching HQ, we dropped off a lot of trackables for other cachers. We also launched four new ones belonging to us. The idea for these is to race to Memphis TN where we will eventually go visit and retrieve them. Here is the write up we put on each of the trackables. We will post more if they start moving.


This is one of four trackables that were released at Geocaching HQ on April 4th 2016. This happened on our family vacation that we titled Mafia Tour 2016. As a fun way to memorialize our vacation we decided to release four racers, one for each member of the family.

We love hearing stories from other geocachers and in an attempt to encourage you to add a little information about your self in your log we are going to start. The Memfis Mafia is made up of four very different people who like four different types of geocaching. Maybe you have the same preference as one of us and maybe you have a completely different idea of your ideal geocaching day. We would appreciate it if you would move this trackable along but also add your story to the logs. Write as much as you want and add as many photos as you would like. You can also follow our adventures on our family blog.
When all of these racers make it to Memphis, we are going to take a trip and go collect them all.

Memfis is me. I’m writing up the page so I get to go first, haha! It is sometimes hard for me to pick my favorite style of geocaching as I enjoy most aspects. At the top of my list is hiking with my buddy GeoTom our crazy rescue pup. As often as we can we are hiking around the mountains of Colorado going for those high terrain caches. As far as publishing caches, I love Wherigos and the creative possibility the hold. Once I finally got over how clunky the builder program is I went crazy building more than I could ever possibly publish. In fact, if you would like to own your own Wherigo I’d be more than happy to help or even build it for you. Just shoot me an email.
Mafia Wife

Mafia wife is the true CEO, CFO, and organizer of the family. We have plenty of energy and motivation but we would never get anything done if she didn’t point us in the right direction. Not surprisingly, Mafia Wife prefers efficiency and has developed what we call GeoDates. She and I go out for a day exploring a new area, grabbing as many caches as we can, and end up at a local dinner. Hard to argue with that type of date. She laughs at me for spending hours, days, and months working on solving and hiking to a 5×5 puzzle cache in the mountains when she can grab countless smileys in the same time.

NotBritish is our resident teenager and the inspiration for Mafia Tour 2016. The location for this vacation was based on her first official college visits. Being a teenager she would like to be too cool to be a geocacher but she and her caches are popular in our local community which makes that hard. Even if she wanted to deny being a cacher, she has published caches, hosted events, and even her first car is trackable. Haha! The parents win. NotBritish prefers a challenge, whatever form that may take. She also like to put out challenges. While she only has one currently active, she is awaiting the day that the moratorium is lifted . She has some evil challenges in mind when that day finally arrives.
Mafia Princess

Mafia Princess is true geocaching royalty or at least she thinks she is. She is the self-proclaimed Queen of LPCs. She loves creating caches and says she refuses to ever publish a traditional cache. For her 9th birthday she hosted her own event in which she gave away a prize that she handmade with her grandmother (also a cacher). She even stood on a chair and made a speech in front of all of the attendees. I can’t wait to see what she will be like in 5 or even 10 years from now.

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