Geocaching challenges – is the moratorium over?

For those of you who are fan of the aspect of geocaching known as, or formerly known as challenge caches – it’s been a year. Some cachers don’t target challenge caches and don’t care much about them. Others, like our family, have found them to be a great way to organize the chaos. After all there are over two million smileys out there waiting for us.

So has had a year to sort through and try to reinvent an aspect of geocaching that is very important to many. We have high hopes that they have come up with something both serviceable for reviewers and still fun for cachers. Everybody geocaches differently (one of the best aspects of this hobby) so we can’t speak for others but we have often adapted our style to satisfy some aspect of a challenge. We have gone on trips and altered our course to grab a cache in a new county and even have a future trip planned to drive to Utah just for two specific geocaches to finish the Jasmer challenge. I’d hate to see such things go away. Having said all of that, I don’t have any doubt that challenges will be returning. The question is just when and in what form?


Our hopes, as we have been very vocal about is that challenges return with their own icon and with an automated checker. How cool would a new icon be? I’m guessing we will hear something real soon and we will all be going after new challenges shortly. The countdown has begun. Whenever they are released, you know the reviewers should be preparing for a deluge of new challenges in their inbox.


Thoughts? Do you have a challenge you’ve been mulling over during this past year?


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