We have been geocaching now for five years as a family. It was actually five years back on July 1st but we were so busy we were not able to celebrate or reflect. Now that the commotion surrounding GeoWoodstock14er is over we are taking a moment to look back and to decide what’s next.

Our geocaching started at a pivotal time in our lives in that we had just uprooted our family and moved across the country. We were in a new place where we didn’t know anyone and geocaching was a way for us to learn the area and meet new people. This worked out great because most of our current friends were met through geocaching. We slowly took to the game more and more but the bug really hit us when we started incorporating it into our travels. Every member of our family has a gypsy soul in that we are always either traveling or planning our next chance to travel.

Looking back on the last five years of caching there have been a lot of milestones and life events that were often tied to or can easily be reflected upon through exploits of geocaching. Our girls have gone from 4 to 9 and 11 to 16 respectively which is a huge difference in terms of attitudes and interests. They have wavered in and out of their love of geocaching but ultimately came back to it as something we do as a family. Since numbers are readily available in this game we decided to look at a few of our own. We have visited 34 states and multiple countries, hosted 56 geocaching events found around 4500 caches, and are within striking range of many of the classic challenges. (Jasper,Fizzy, etc.) We’ve participated in geocaching podcasts, helped host a MEGA event, amassed a collection of geocoins and I even permanently turned myself into a game piece by getting a trackable tattoo.

This reflection was not so we could brag about what we have done but rather to see what it will take for us to stay just as interested and excited for the next five years. We have not come to a consensus as a family as to what we want to target but even the discussion has been fun so far. More to come…

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