Seattle 2016 geocaching.png

Just by the numbers, 2016 was a very successful year in geocaching for the Mafia family – 1172 geocache finds, 65 geocache hides (mostly hosted events). As we looked back through some of our geocaching accomplishments to write this blog post, we quickly realized that the numbers didn’t tell the full story. We had a blast as a family which is the goal and have decided to take some time to reflect on some of those times in upcoming posts. Some of what we want to focus on is our visit to Geocaching HQ, our year long streak, some great hiking adventures, GeoWoodstock14er, and making some really great new friends.

We also want to set some fun resolutions for the upcoming year, one of which is to devote a little more time to chronicling our adventures as they unfold.

For now, here are a few of our favorite pics from 2016. We have already started our trip down memory lane just picking these out.

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