Are you a Cubs fan?  I get this question so often especially in light of the recent Chicago Cubs’ success and due to the crazy amount of Cubs gear Memfis and I have collected over the last few years.  Each time I get this question, I launch into the story that set us on a path of being in Chicago for the World Series in 2016.  img_5440

In 2010, we decided to embark on a great adventure and move our family to Colorado.  Relocating to a new area of the country is exciting, scary, and sometimes a little bit sad.  In our case, we had always dreamed of living in Colorado but leaving behind family and friends was definitely a low we expected.  We were determined to make this move and at the same time not lose touch with our closest friends.  Bring in the Chicago Cubs!

Our dearest friends from Tennessee, Glen and Christy, just happen to be the two BIGGEST Cub fans on the planet.  Living most of their lives in Tennessee, they make the trek to Wrigley at least four times a year making sure to never miss opening week despite the cold Chicago temperatures in April.  In between these trips, they watch every game with their MLB subscription and have even gone so far as to adorn their bodies with Cubs inspired tattoos.  They live all things Cub and have for as long as I have known them.

Not surprisingly, during our first summer in Colorado, it was their idea to suggest a trip to Chicago.  Memfis has always been a big time Yankees fan and it just so happened that the Yankees were going to be playing the Cubs in Chicago.  We had only been in Colorado for a few months, didn’t have a lot of time off of work, didn’t know anyone that could watch our kids and we were still trying to recover financially from such a big move.  Despite all of these obstacles, we knew we had to make this trip happen!

We scrimped and saved money, time off at work and made a mayday call to a grandparent for babysitting services but finally found a way to make this trip a reality.  Long story short, we had a fabulous time and out of habit continued to meet our friends in Chicago for Cubs games.  We even mixed things up a little one year and followed the Cubs to Boston so we could all four take in a game at Fenway.

We made it on Sports Center during a Chicago trip!

Were we becoming big time Cubs fans?  Memfis has not lost his love of the Yankees by any means.  However, it is hard to go to Wrigley Field, one of the most historic ball parks in the country and not walk away having a fondness in your heart for the Cubbies.  When the Cubs hit it big in 2016, it only made sense that we should once again meet our besties in the Windy City and take in the grandest baseball game of them all…The World Series!series

I know what you are thinking…how awesome that we got to attend a World Series game?  Ha ha ha! Note I said in the first paragraph, we were in Chicago during the Series.  We didn’t actually attend the games.  With tickets priced in the thousands for bleacher seats, we decided we were out of our league and would have to be happy with watching the game somewhere in the city and cheering along with other Chicagoans. I probably should have made this fact clear on Facebook as many of my friends and family spent hours watching those games looking for me in the stands.  Sorry to disappoint folks but I wasn’t there!

Lucky for us, our friends’ many trips to Cubs games paid off and we were able to secure a condo rental about 2 blocks from the field.  We could hear the groans of the fans when the Cubs’ bats were silent and the jubilation when the hits went their way.  The condo owner set up a TV in the front yard of the building allowing us to watch the game outside which I think was probably the next best thing to being inside Wrigley.  We were able to walk throughout Wrigleyville and experience the excitement of such a big game.  The crowds were enormous yet full of celebrating folks knowing they were seeing something 108 years in the making!  We even managed to make a few geocaching finds that weekend bringing our IL total to 5 Virtuals, 1 EarthCache, and 4 Traditional caches.

The whole gang finding a cache in the city!

While we were in Chicago, the Cubs lost every single game.  I was temporarily dubbed the new Bartman and not allowed to watch any of the remaining games even after returning to Colorado.  Thank goodness they won because I did not want to be known as the girl that caused the Cubs to lose the series! That is serious stuff!  The minute after the victory, I made sure to get in touch with Glen and Christy to offer my congratulations.  I felt a sense of pride like one feels when their child finally achieves something that had seemed so elusive yet is now right there in front of them.  Ha ha! No, Glen and Christy never played for the Cubs or even lived in Chicago, but they celebrated every Cubs win even in the lean years. They were devastated with every loss and stuck with this team when no hope could be found.  They deserved this too!

This is a shot from our 2013 trip to Chicago!

All in all, the trip was amazing! Not because of the World Series or because we were in Chicago but because we were spending time with people near and dear to us.   They are the people that will be there for us no matter what despite the fact that we live 1200 miles from each other.  They share in our good times and in our bad times.  They are true friends! If this wasn’t enough, they are the folks that originally introduced us to geocaching in the first place.  We left Tennessee in hopes of a wonderful adventure but had to leave behind some incredible people.  Geocaching came along at a time when were really questioning the decision we had made to relocate.  It helped us find a second family, a geocaching family right here in Colorado.  Sometimes, it is the moments you spend with special people and the gifts they give you that mean more than any baseball game ever could.


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