For those of you that periodically choose to visit this website, you might be wondering, where did they go? It has been quite some time since we have updated the website. I think the lead story before now was our trip to the World Series in Chicago, which was almost THREE YEARS AGO! As often happens, we have been busy the last three years with growing kids, career changes and life in general. Here is a little recap.

Our oldest daughter, Hallie, graduated from high school in 2018 and after taking a year off, decided to attend the University of Nevada Las Vegas this fall. She is planning to major in Sports Marketing/Media and will be a member of the university’s cheerleading team. She has worked very hard over the past year getting a glimpse of what the real world has to offer and preparing to strike off on her own. We are incredibly proud of her and we know she is destined for great things.

Not to be outdone by the oldest, our youngest daughter, Miley, is currently navigating the chaos that is middle school. She has managed to sail through her first year with ease all the while experiencing new things like joining the swim team and trying her hand at basketball. If you ever want some free entertainment, go to your local middle school and watch the 6thgrade junior varsity basketball team. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

For Jesse and me, it has been a whirlwind of craziness over the past three years. Professionally, we both started new jobs which definitely required a renewed focus for some time. Despite this, we still managed to fit in what we love best…TRAVEL. Over the past three years, we have managed to travel to California, Texas, Nevada, North Dakota, Iowa, Washington D.C., South Dakota, Wyoming, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Utah and Florida. We also managed to celebrate 20 years of marriage all the while raising two incredibly awesome kiddos. Why stop there though? Jesse, along with his partner Gary, has worked hard to turn their weekly geocaching podcast in to the Geocache Talk Network. The network brings together geocachers from all over the world each week for an hour or so of learning, laughs and fun. We were also able to release our first book, Geocaching Challenges: The Game Within the Game

Yes, it has been three years filled with hard work, fun, family bonding and laughter. We have learned a lot over the years as well. We learned a lot about parenting, relationships, friendships, travel and just life in general. We want to use this website as a vehicle to not only share what we have learned but to also connect and learn from all of you. Welcome to a new era of Memfis Mafia…A Family in Search of Adventure.

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