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Hi, we are Jesse and Kristi, otherwise known by our geocaching family as the Memfis Mafia.  We are a fun-loving, audacious couple that has been married for twenty years and are the proud parents of two amazing daughters. We believe in making memories each and every day and looking for adventure wherever we can find it. Sometimes, it even finds us.  One of our favorite things to do is travel and we have found that routine travel tends to accomplish more than just visiting new places. Whether it be a day trip to a small country town or a grand family vacation, travel has allowed us to grow as people, bond as a couple and make some unforgettable family memories. When we travel, we always play our favorite game…geocaching! Geocaching has taken us to some unforgettable places and also landed us in some adventurous situations to say the least.  We hope to detail our adventures on this site in hopes that we may inspire others to get out there, visit new places, grow as people and maybe even do a little geocaching in the process.        

Jesse – “Memfis” – The Adventurous One

Memfis with Signal at GeoWoodtstock XVII

Jesse is the patriarch and some would say master mind of all the zany schemes his family typically finds themselves in.  Always looking to push the envelope and never back down from a great adventure, he is the one that tends to challenge the rest of the family to live outside the box and push each other in the pursuit of all things fun and challenging. Jesse began geocaching in 2011 and immediately fell in love. His reputation of always trying to elevate the game from a simple scavenger hunt to an unbelievable adventure is something that strikes a chord with the listeners of his weekly podcast, Geocache Talk.

Kristi – “The CFO” – The Practical One

The CFO at the Manitou Incline

Kristi is the matriarch of the family and definitely the pragmatic one. Always the voice of reason, she tends to get pushed quite often by Jesse and the girls. However, it is this push that Kristi often says she is most grateful for as it has led to some amazing experiences and achievements that she never thought possible. After 20 years of marriage, nothing surprises her anymore especially when it comes to new adventures and what she often calls misadventures dreamt up by Jesse.  While stepping outside of her comfort zone doesn’t come natural, she manages to make it happen with support from the rest of the family.