About Us


Hi, we are the Memfis Mafia.  We are a fun-loving, audacious family that believe in making memories each and every day.  We look for adventure wherever we can find it and sometimes it even finds us.  One of our favorite things to do is travel and when we travel, we play our favorite game…geocaching! This little game has taken us to some amazing, unforgettable places and also landed us in some adventurous situations to say the least.


Meet the Mafia
Jesse – The Adventurous One
IMG_0326I am the patriarch and some would say master mind of the family.  I am always looking to push the envelope and never back down from a great adventure.  The bigger the obstacle, the more determined I am to claim success. I tend to push the rest of the Mafia to step outside their comfort zones and do something wild, silly and often times a little bit crazy.  I love geocaching and always try to elevate the game from a simple scavenger hunt to an unbelievable adventure with every find.


Kristi – The Practical One
FullSizeRender-1Kristi is the matriarch of the family and definitely the most pragmatic of the Mafia.  Always the voice of reason, she tends to get pushed the most by the rest of us.    After 18 years of marriage, nothing surprises her anymore when it comes to my adventures and what she would call misadventures.  While stepping outside of her comfort zone doesn’t come natural, she manages to make it happen with all of us by her side


Hallie – The Sporty and Funny One
img_6099Hallie is the teenager of the group and loves all things sports.  She caught the adventure bug from me and is often my partner in crime especially when going out for an unusually crazy geocache find.  She has been involved in sports since she was 5 years old which comes in handy when our adventures require athletic ability.  She always keeps the Mafia laughing with her quick wit and over the top teenage behavior and often finds herself at the butt of family jokes.


Miley – The Sneaky One
img_6067Miley is the youngest of the group and probably the most sneaky.  She may not be an adventurer like her sister but she always seems to find a way to the end goal.  Whether it is tricking her sister or wrapping me around her little finger, she generally wins without any of us even knowing we lost.  She waits until just the right time to deliver the perfect joke and always beats the Mafia on family game night.

We couldn’t be more different but we compliment each other and play our part in this thing we call family.  Our goal with this blog is to take you along on some of these adventures. Some are big and some are small but all usually involve chaos and laughter.  Maybe we can even inspire your family to get out and find your own adventure!

-the Memfis Mafia


In case you are wondering, our name “Memfis Mafia” is a nod to Elvis Presley. You might have heard of him; he was kind of a big deal back in Memphis.

We treated ourselves to some Memfis Mafia SWAG
We treated ourselves to some Memfis Mafia SWAG


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