Geocaching has led us to many great places but even more it has helped us meet many great people that we now consider true friends. From the very beginning, we were taken in by our local geocaching community and shown the ropes. Since then we have tried to do the same by helping where we can and by reaching out to new cachers to make them feel welcome. We have hosted geocaching workshops and helped others construct geocaches of their own both locally and internationally. We have even served on the state geocaching board for two years. Slowly we started communicating with and appearing on geocaching podcasts and found that we enjoy making the connections with a larger audience and hopefully spreading the message about geocaching being a fun and wholesome activity for the entire family.

We will post connections here to some of the shows on which we have appeared. This is not an attempt to brag but will hopefully introduce you to some of the great podcasts out there. They are entertaining but even more they are informative. Podcasts deliver the most up-to-date news and rumors about this great game. We hope you enjoy.

Geosnippits Reboot Podcast

It’s Ladies Night – ep. 059 (04/10/14)

Geocacher Spotlight – Memfis Mafia ep. (087 11/07/14)

Geocaching Podcast

Geocaching with Family and Kids ep. 480 (12/21/16)

Geocaching 2017 Resolutions and Rants ep. 481 (01/04/17)

Cache & Release Podcast

Show 54 – Memfis Mafia (03/20/16)


GeoWoodstock 14er Preview (02/14/16)

Geocache Talk Podcast

Show 11 – Chris Umphenour and Memfis Mafia (08/21/16)

Show 18 – Memfis Mafia (10/09/16)

Show 26 – The Podcast of Hope (12/04/16)


Live Streaming II (01/05/17)

Road Caching X (02/02/17)