Geocaching Challenges: The Game Within The Game

Geocaching is a worldwide scavenger hunt that has been around for the greater part of two decades. It has been enjoyed by millions and has evolved over those many years. One aspect of the game that has captured the attention of many is a specific subset called Challenges. Many view Challenges as the game within the game and have found it elevating their play and enjoyment. This book focuses on Geocaching Challenges specifically in a way aiming to be informative and entertaining. Whether you are a Geocaching novice or a founding member you should be able to find something new or at least be able to relate to and laugh at the stories held within. Inside this book you will learn about classic challenges, the history of the type, and even how to publish your own. Jesse and Kristi Lunsford, the authors of this book, are known in the Geocaching world by their team name – Memfis Mafia. Jesse is the co-host of the weekly podcast Geocache Talk recorded live every Sunday at 8PM CDT. Jesse and Kristi have unabashedly shared their family geocaching experiences both good and bad on podcasts, blogs and in person over the years.