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We have come up with a new type of event to add to our resume. No, we are not claiming to have invented meet and greets at a beer brewery. Heck, this is Colorado. You can barely throw a rock without hitting a microbrewery. These events are intended to be low stress and simple.

The first two were scheduled for the two Tuesday’s following the NoCo geocaching dinner. We started this series  knowing I would be hosting/attending while on crutches. We wanted to do this series for a while and since the hiking events were on a hold for Memfis, this seemed like as good a time as any.

The first event went over well and Crow Hop definitely earns an A rating in my book. The staff was friendly and accommodating even though we pretty much filled up the place.

Events in this series:

GC5WE4R Barley, Hops, and a Smiley – Crow Hop (Loveland)

GC5TT73   Barley, Hops, and a Smiley 2 – Grimm Brothers (Loveland)

GC5XN78  Barley, Hops, and a Smiley 3 – Loveland Ale Works (Loveland)

GC5WZDE Barley, Hops, and a Smiley 4 – Verboten Brewery (Loveland)

GC5ZK4E Barley, Hops, and a Smiley 5 – 1933 Brewing (Fort Collins)

GC5WRG7 Barley, Hops, and a Smiley 6 – High Hops (Windsor)

GC67D8N Barley, Hops, and a Smiley 7 – Big Thompson Brewery (Loveland)

GC67N5J Barley, Hops, and a Smiley 8 – Grimm Brothers (Loveland)

GC6910F Barley, Hops, and a Smiley 9 – Grimm Brothers (Loveland)

GC69EDR Barley, Hops, and a Smiley 10 – Grimm Brothers (Loveland)

GC69XW7 Barley, Hops, and a Smiley 11 – Grimm Brothers (Loveland)

GC6A290 Barley, Hops, and a Smiley 12 – Grimm Brothers (Loveland)

We intend to make this at least a monthly event if not more frequent until we hit all of the breweries in Loveland, Fort Collins and Windsor. We may even stray outside of this area. Why not make this a traveling event as well. Don’t cachers everywhere love beer?