Brewmaster, I Am Not!

Since moving to Colorado, the hubs and I have discovered the wonderful world of craft beer.  Craft breweries are everywhere including at least 7 I can think of in our little town of only 60,000 people.  If breweries aren’t your thing, just ask around because chances are you can pretty quickly find someone who is … More Brewmaster, I Am Not!

D5 T5 Geocaching

5/5 geocaching is the pinnacle of geocaching in terms of Groundspeak’s rating system. By the basic definition provided by groundspeak a Difficulty 5/ Terrain 5 geocache is: Difficulty: Extreme A serious mental or physical challenge. May require specialized knowledge or skills to find or open the geocache. By the same definition a Terrain 5 geocache is: Terrain: Extremely … More D5 T5 Geocaching