GC5PHT9 Let’s Go For A Hike 8: No hippies allowed!

What is with the name of that event? Has Memfis finally lost his mind? You may have figured it out already but I am getting two new hips this summer. Knowing I would be unable to hike for quite a while, we somehow came up with the brilliant idea to tackle the Manitou Incline the … Continue reading GC5PHT9 Let’s Go For A Hike 8: No hippies allowed!

D5 T5 Geocaching

5/5 geocaching is the pinnacle of geocaching in terms of Groundspeak's rating system. By the basic definition provided by groundspeak a Difficulty 5/ Terrain 5 geocache is: Difficulty: Extreme A serious mental or physical challenge. May require specialized knowledge or skills to find or open the geocache. By the same definition a Terrain 5 geocache is: Terrain: Extremely … Continue reading D5 T5 Geocaching

Colorado 14ers – hiking and geocaching

I will be hitting two of these mountains this weekend. After the hike, there just may be a new Wherigo Geocache for you extreme cachers to go for. Easiest Rank  Mt. Elbert 14,433' 1  Mt. Lincoln 14,286' 8  Grays Peak 14,270' 9  Torreys Peak 14,267' 11  Quandary Peak 14,265' 13  Mt. Bross 14,172' 22  Mt. … Continue reading Colorado 14ers – hiking and geocaching