Geocaching Success While on Vacation

GC7B68E Trifecta of Influential Figures (Virtual) In June, we posted a blog about focused geocaching and how it is often important to consider this strategy during family vacations. This is a process we have been working on but, in the past, have faltered in its actual application. This time we got much closer and I … Continue reading Geocaching Success While on Vacation

Focused Geocaching for Family Vacations

Our next adventure is quickly approaching in the form of a family vacation to Hawaii. Ever the planner, Kristi has been openly constructing our itinerary for weeks. Planning is her thing primarily because she never wants any of us to miss out on anything but I would also say she is somewhat of a Type … Continue reading Focused Geocaching for Family Vacations

Memfis Mafia on GeoGearHeads

On 2/2 we were invited to go back on GeoGearHeads, a podcast about geocaching and tech gear. If you haven't checked this one out you should. The show is a good mix of up-to-date tech knowledge and discussion and of course geocaching is a large part of the lineup.