cwtm logoThe Coffee With the Mafia series of events is a cacher coffee style meeting at a coffee shop with some fellowship and the of swapping stories. The stories don;t event have to be true – the table the tale the better.

Coffee events:

GC4Y3QK Coffee With The Mafia 1

This was our very first event to host. We were unsure how to host an event and were way more nervous than we needed to be. We had some pre-made geocaches to give away as prizes. We had a great turnout and decided hosting events wasn’t that scary after all. This event was held at the Coffee Tree in Loveland.




GC58JF1 Coffee With The Mafia 2

This was our 6th event. We held this one at the Coffee Tree in Loveland again. This event was held on August 1st 2014 and coincided with the kickoff of the Seven Souvenirs of August contest by We arranged to go out as a group and find the caches necessary to earn all seven souvenirs that day. It was a long day but it sure was a lot of fun.


GC55VK8 Coffee With The Mafia 3.

Ok, so all of our coffee events so far have been hosted at The Coffee Tree. We don’t intend for this to be the only place we host coffee events but so far it has served us well and the staff has been welcoming. This was our 9th event and also just happened to be Memfis’ birthday. There were only about a dozen in attendance but we had fun anyway. It was a difficult time being 7am on a Friday – but again it was my birthday and I had to work.

GC6410G Coffee with the Mafia 4

Another quick birthday event for Memfis.

GC67CN8 Coffee with the Mafia 5

This was our New Year’s Day event which resulted in a souvenir for each cacher that attended.


GC69AHC Coffee with the Mafia: Vancouver

This is an upcoming event and our first to host outside of the US.

GC6AEAM Coffee with the Mafia: Oregon

This is an upcoming event we are hosting to meet local cachers while in Oregon.



Breakfast events:

GC50JGY Breakfast with the Mafia

To extend our early morning events we decided to try breakfast event four our second event, hence the name. This event was held at Santiago’s which is a Mexican restaurant in Loveland CO. This event had a huge turnout and the staff was very friendly and the burritos were even better. We hope to continue this series. the photo above is the event log. The leather bound book above became our “log book” for all of our future events. We have enjoyed being able to look back at past events all in one place.

GC5KQVN Breakfast with the Mafia 2

For our 16th event, we decided it was time to do another breakfast event. This time we chose IHOP. Its a good thing we did because this was another large turnout. We were also lucky enough to be the event in which the Across the Divide GeoTour was announced. Fun event and I got to meet Tahosa and sons in person instead of online.

GC698JH Breakfast with the Mafia 3: Donuts at Sunrise

This is the first event hosted by our youngest geocacher who is 8 years old. This one is to be held early on a Saturday to kick off her birthday weekend. We will update this one as it happens.