Events are a part of geocaching that we have come to thoroughly enjoy. We started by attending local dinner events. We were quickly welcomed into the fold. We met and made many friends. At some point we decided we wanted to host our first event. We decided to tiptoe in with a coffee event we called Coffee With The Mafia. It was a success and we were hooked. We started to host a few more… ok, a lot more events. We have just found that events are a great way to put a face to geocaching handles and meet new people when we are traveling.

We also like to try and create new types of events or at least ones that are new to our area. Right now we have a few styles that we have become comfortable with. (breakfast, coffee, brewery events)

We have a few that we are planning to do that will push the limits. (boating, snowshoeing, midnight meet ups)

We even have a couple series that have started to gain traction and are being hosted by others. (Let’s Go For a Hike events)

We do not get possessive about our events. If you see anything in our events that you want to do – go for it. Copy anything you need. If you need help hosting an event do not hesitate to give us a call. We have listed a few of the events on this page. We have also grouped our event series’ and listed them on the menu for this page. Check them out and see if you can get inspired to host your own event in your area. They are definitely worth the effort!

Workshop Events

Wherigo Workshop WP

We love events, learning, teaching, and helping other cachers so this series of events was bound to happen. We hope to expand this series of events to include all aspects of geocaching.

GC5BTNW Wherigo Workshop

As is obvious to our geocaching friends, we have become somewhat consumed with Wherigos and what they can do to enhance the game of geocaching. We started by finding, then building some Wherigos. Before long questions came up about how to make Wherigos. I have helped a few people here in Colorado and some in other states and countries. So, we decided to host an event to hopefully help others become more comfortable with and learn how to make their own Wherigos. This event is the result of that.

GC5NRV9 Wherigo Workshop 2 hosted by MooseTag

This was the second in the series. It went just as well as the first and resulted in several new Wherigo Geocaches being published. This event also marked the last day for us filling in our 366 day calendar for geocache finds. Thanks to MooseTag for this fun event.

The plan for the next addition to this series is an event that will help people better understand how some HTML can help improve cache pages. there has also been talk of a Puzzle Geocache Workshop. Hopefully more to come.

GC5QHXA HTML for Geocachers (workshop)

HTML logo

This event is, as the title implies, centered around HTML with the hopes that as we as geocachers get more comfortable with light coding we can raise our game. It doesn’t require much to make your cache pages or profile page to stand out among many of the plain boring ones out there. At this event, Memfis and NotBritish are going to offer some basic instruction and also open the floor up to other related topics. Most likely we will discuss some BB code and Project-GC as resources. We are also trying something different with this event by broadcasting live with the use of Periscope. It may work out well and it may completely flop. Who knows? We will see.


CITO banner

CITO or Cache in Trash Out events are one of the times that we as geocachers get to give back to the community. We have attended a couple CITO events but have been reluctant to organize any of our own. We have recently pushed aside our trepidation and have published our very first CITO. It will be held on July 18th so we will report back and tell you how it went.

GC5NNB5 Let’s Clean Up Boyd Lake

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