Barkfest template

This is a new series we are developing to incorporate our favorite four-legged cachers into the event scene. We have two pups at our house and we try to take them caching with us when we can. We wanted to start a series of quick and easy events that aimed at including them. We hope to expand this to other events at parks and on camping trips.


Here are the first events in this series:

: a GeoDog meet and greet

This was the original event we held in this series. We set it up with a theme of a costume party. A few people showed up but seemed to shy to participate in the contest. We will have to ease people forward in the future.

Barkfest 2: a GeoDog meet and greet (submitted)

Barkfest 3: a GeoDog meet and greet  (submitted)

Barkfest 4: a GeoDog meet and greet  (submitted)