Why Geocaching?

We have been asked many times why we are so obsessed with the game of geocaching. Depending on the setting, the answer to this question can change. We could give the one minute answer or the much longer version but the truth is that we would struggle to really describe how influential geocaching has been for us as a couple and for our family. We use it as a platform to connect as a couple by creating something we like to call geodates. We also use geocaching as a family activity and a learning tool that allows us to get our girls off the couch and out into the world. Geocaching also allows us to connect with people with various backgrounds and from locations all around the world. While this site isn’t only about geocaching, it is featured in many of our stories due to its positive impact on our lives. This page specifically will be updated with our current goals and adventures as it pertains to the game.   


Geocaching is something we use often to enhance our travel. Kristi and I have always believed in travel as a way to experience life and this was only reinforced once we had our girls. We want to always provide them with the best opportunities that life and an important way to accomplish this is to expose them all the world has to offer. Geocaching has provided a vehicle to get out and explore when we are visiting a new location. In our book, Geocaching Challenges: The Game Within The Game, we tell a story of how we came upon a historic location in the Bahamas that we likely may have never found had it not been for geocaching. Not only was it a beautiful location, but its history provided us with a great parenting opportunity that allowed us to engage in a deep discussion of a sensitive topic from history. You can’t beat teachable moments like those. The map below represents the states within our own country that we have visited since we started geocaching in 2011. To non-geocachers, this may sound like a lot of travel, but to our girls it is just a normal part of their childhood.

40 states worth of travel
Kristi concentrating hard


Not all travel has to be an elaborate family vacation to an exotic locale. One activity that has really captured our attention is exploring our own backyard. In our case, that backyard is the beautiful state of Colorado. You would be surprised at how many off the beaten path locations can be found in your own area. In our case, we have begun to explore the Rocky Mountains in the family Geo-ride – our Jeep Rubicon. We did some light off-roading when living in Tennessee years ago but found a whole new world living in Colorado. The mountains offer ample opportunity to push our limits and explore areas that the average visitors to our great state never see. Driving has always been squarely within my domain but I recently made what might turn out to be a huge mistake. As usual, I pushed Kristi into stepping outside her comfort zone and had her take the wheel during an off-roading trip in the mountains. Thinking it would put a smile on her face and boost her confidence, I was shocked to find out that she enjoyed it so much she refused to relinquish the keys and continued to drive for the rest of the day. I may have created a monster. Only time will tell.