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This is a new type of series of monthly events that we hope continues in Colorado. Combining the NoCo monthly events and the backcountry caches of the likes of Denali and Tahosa. Since we live in the best state for geocaching and hiking, we believe regular meet and greets should occur that celebrate this. The tagline that best explains this series is:

Let’s Go For A Hike… a Colorado style meet and greet!

The meaning behind this is that we live in the state with the overwhelming majority of 14ers and great backcountry hikes. Why on earth would we only meet in restaurants?

This series has taken off. We hosted the first few and assisted other cacher in hosting a few. This series is now up to its eighth installment. We couldn’t be happier. Here is a running list of the events so far:

GC5AXDG Let’s Go For A Hike hosted by Memfis Mafia

This was the initial LGFAH event. To kick it off in style this event consisted of hiking two fourteeners. We found two geocaches and hid The GC5A3EY Highest Wherigo in the World (still unfound and still the highest).

GC5F528 Let’s Go For A Hike 2 hosted by Memfis Mafia

This was the second event in the series. It was intense to say the least. This was easily the toughest hike I had done to date and still holds that distinction. The weather forecast was getting worse the closer we got to the event. Cachers were dropping like flies. By the time we left the trailhead there were only three of us that were brave insane enough to do this hike.  It was one of the best days I’ve had geocaching so far.

GC5GN4J Let’s Go For A Hike 3 hosted by Greasepot

This was the first LGFAH event that was hosted by someone other than the Memfis Mafia. We are very thankful that Greasepot decide to take a chance and help us continue this series. We attended the event and had a great time. this one was a stark contrast to the previous. This was more of a nice stroll around a park. We ended up with quite a few smileys on this hike.

GC5JKTK Let’s Go For A Hike 4 hosted by Grizzlycacher

This was the second event hosted by someone other than the Memfis Mafia. Grizzlycacher took the helm and hosted this great event. This was also the first event we were not able to attend. We are glad this series is continuing and seemingly gaining steam. Thanks Grizzlycacher.

GC5NB7C Let’s Go For A Hike 5 hosted by Waawhoo

Waawhoo hosted this event which turned out to be another one with questionable weather conditions. Questionable meaning snow up to our knees. For a detailed account of our experience check out PixelMagic’s blog post (here). This trip also netted us many smiley’s including one of the oldest in Colorado – GC1A1 Kleaver Karl’s Kache.

GC5MY5Z Let’s Go For A Hike 6 hosted by MooseTag

This event doubled as a hike and a birthday celebration for the host. MooseTag stepped it up a bit and had personalized SWAG that he handed out to those in attendance. This hike served a second purpose for us as well. We gathered the last bit of information we needed to publish our first Earthcache – GC5F195 Hiking with GeoTom #7.

GC5T2NV Let’s Go For A Hike 7 hosted by MikeandJuli

This hike was hosted on Memorial Day 2015. The attendance look great. I will update this one soon.


GC5PHT9 Let’s Go For A Hike 8 hosted by Memfis Mafia

This event is playfully named No hippies allowed! The reason for the quirky name is the pending hip surgery for Memfis of the Memfis Mafia. This event is a hike of the Manitou Incline and is still upcoming.

There is hope for this series as we have already gained some interest by other caching teams to host upcoming events. This is promising and we hope to make this a staple in Colorado. We will chronicle these adventures here on this page as well as posting updates to Geocaching Colorado.

If you are interested in hosting a future event get in touch with Memfis Mafia or Team Kaiketsu. We can help you every step of the way. 



This series of events is our way of combining our love of hiking with our love of geocaching. The first Let’s Go For A Hike event was created because I wanted to join the ranks of those that hiked 14ers.I started researching which peak I wanted to “bag” first and I came across the combination of Grays Peak and Torreys Peak. What? You can get two in one day? That sounds like a winner for my first outing. In a moment of rare sanity I decided that I should not tackle this feat alone. I then designed the first Let’s Go For A Hike event.  The event was awesome! I had one of the most enjoyable days I have ever had. I grabbed two 14ers and a new passion. Oh yes, I will be hiking to every other peak I can find. I knew I loved to hike before this event but after – DANG – I am hooked. You can expect to see many more of these events.

group shot

photos from the event

Let’s Go For A Hike 2

lgfah2 thanks

This event truly was an epic adventure. With temperatures in the single digits and wind speeds of over 30 mph. I wouldn’t want every hike to be that strenuous… oh who am I kidding… it was awesome.

The event has gathered a little steam and we have had the first Let’s Go For A Hike event that was hosted by another cacher:

Let’s Go For A Hike 3

LGFAH3 was hosted by Greasepot and was a quick and easy hike on the Table Mesa at Pleasant View Community Park at Camp George West in Golden Colorado. There were several in attendance and we all had fun. We hiked and grabbed a few caches. This was a slight departure from the first two events in that it was family friendly. Even more exciting is that there was a good bit of talk about continuing the series with a possible snowshoe event coming in January! Here are a few photos from the event.