Aimless Wandering

a friendly group of hikers

Aimless Wanderers
Aimless Wanderers

We went out on Saturday the 15th with a great group of cachers and tackled a very difficult series – Hiking with GeoTom. While we were wandering around on top of a mountain someone in the group came up with an idea to hide a few more. We ended up hiding four in all. That idea continued to be tossed around and before we knew it the group Aimless Wandering was born.

This is not one of those exclusive groups that only does this or that. The idea behind Aimless Wandering is much like the name implies – to go out and play. This will be an open group for those that want to get out and cache. I know there has already been talk of hiding at least four or five more.

Geocaches hidden so far:
GC4YPC4 Aimless Wandering 1
GC4YPC4 Aimless Wandering 2
GC4YPC4 Aimless Wandering 3
GC4YPC4 Aimless Wandering 4
GC4ZE5G Aimless Wandering 5
GC4ZE5V Aimless Wandering 6
GC4YPAX Aimless Wandering 7
GC4YPAX Aimless Wandering 8
GC4YPAX Aimless Wandering 9
GC4YPAX Aimless Wandering 10
GC4YPAX Aimless Wandering 11
GC4YPAX Aimless Wandering 12
GC4YPAX Aimless Wandering 13


The only warning I would give is that the average terrain so far is somewhere around 4 – 4.5.

The streak continues and we continue to enjoy great company on our hikes. In an effort to encourage others to retrace our steps and visit these scenic locations, we are levying behind small treasures known as geocaches. Get out and hike. We hope to see you on the trails. Here are the latest pics from our adventures.

We have added a few more to our hiking series. Here are even more pics to get you inspired to get out and explore some of the great places here in Colorado.


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