Battle of the Bugs

BOB 2014

This is the one stop shop for all of your BOB data needs. The first newsletter went out tonight (10/30/14). In addition, if you look below you will see our very first info graphic. We know how we geocachers love data and charts. This one shows the mileage of all of the bugs in the race.

Travel Bug Times ed.1
Travel Bug Times ed.1

Monthly Mystery Goals:

  • November – first racer to be dropped into an event – Going_Up
  • December – first racer to check into New York City on New Year’s Eve

Categories are as follows:

  • The travel bug located furthest from GZ at the end of the race
  • The travel bug with the most miles at the end of the race
  • The travel bug that has been in the most caches 
  • The travel bug that has been in the most states
  • First travel bug to go outside the country

    Travel Bug Times ed.2
    Travel Bug Times ed.2
  • The travel bug with the most pictures
  • The first travel bug to visit Groundspeak HQ
  • The first travel bug to visit Memphis
  • The first travel bug to attend a major sporting event
  • The first travel bug to go MIA (must be MIA missing at least 3 months)

Travel Bug Times 3rd Edition is out. If you did not get it in your email. Get in touch with us and we will get you on the list. Here is a copy as well. The race is progressing well and we only expect it to continue to get better and better. The racers have now visited 26 states and several countries. If you think that is amazing, one of the racers is nearing the 100, 000 mile mark. That is crazy! If you have any questions or if you notice something we missed or just plain fouled up, please let us know. Call, email, Facebook, or just wait for the next event – we will be there. 

98,043 miles!
98,043 miles!







Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 6.30.19 PM








Travel Bug Times edition 4 is here:


Travel Bug Times edition 5 has been sent out. If your email didn’t go through here is a link.


3 thoughts on “Battle of the Bugs

  1. Good idea having this one stop BOB page. On the site, to use the “search for a race box” what is the title for our race? I tried searching under several titles and was unable to find ours. Thanks!

    1. It will be under the title BOB 2014. However it is not at robust as we hoped. We have opened that one yet because only a couple of bugs have moved at this point. We are excited to be able to make reports here but it seems it’s going to be a slow start. We think once it gets kicked up it should be a lot of fun.

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