D5 T5 Geocaching

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D5 T5 geocaching is the pinnacle of geocaching in terms of Geoundspeak’s rating system. According to the basic definition provided by groundspeak, a Difficulty 5  – Terrain 5 geocache is:



Let's Go For A Hike 2
Let’s Go For A Hike 2

A serious mental or physical challenge. May require specialized knowledge or skills to find or open the geocache.

By the same definition a Terrain 5 geocache is:

Extremely challenging terrain  Requires specialized equipment (boat, 4WD, rock climbing, SCUBA, etc.) or is otherwise extremely difficult.

Groundspeak is simply defining which caches should be rated with their highest rating. This doesn’t tell the true story. The reason for this is that once you get to 5/5 there is nothing higher. This challenging category of caches has piqued our interest and we will be exploring them more and more. For now, here is a quick reference list of 5/5 caches for Colorado.


Greyrock Wherigo
Greyrock Wherigo

Our fascination with 5/5 caches has transferred to our resident teenager as well. She was able to publish her challenge before the moratorium took effect. Here is her challenge.



This cache is at the posted coordinates however you will have to meet certain criteria before you can claim a find. The qualifications for this are simple to explain but very difficult to achieve. To claim this cache you must first find five other caches. Those caches must all have a difficulty rating of 5 AND a terrain rating of 5. Additionally, each of those five caches must be of different types. To show you qualify simply list the qualifying caches in your log.Go sign the challenge and get to work.


More rules and guidelines

  • The caches can be from any state or country.
  • The caches can be found before or after the publishing of this cache.
  • This cache can not count as one of your 5.
  • The qualifying types: traditional, wherigo, multi, earthcache, letterbox, unknown, and virtual
  • The unknown cache type should not be a challenge.

Additional fun:

If you get all seven types post them. You will be recognized as a Geocaching Master on this cache page.


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