mystery newUnknown caches are kind of a cath-all category for geocaching. They can be puzzles or challenges or whatever doesn’t fit into the other categories. Much like other cachers, we branched out to this as our choice for our second type of hide. For our first attempt at a puzzle, we wanted to do it right. We took a good amount of time crafting the puzzle portion, creating a back story, designing a custom themed container, selecting a location, and setting up the field puzzle portion as well. At the end, we were pretty proud of our first  puzzle cache – GC41TCJ Legend of the Thompson Valley Squatch. The cache involved a short story about recruiting the cacher as a Squatch hunter. The cacher would go to GZ which was in the Big Thompson Canyon and attempt to find the container which was hidden under some boulders at the end of a very short scramble. The cacher had to determine the combination to the locked container using clues found nearby. Unfortunately, only nine people had a chance to find it before a major flood came through the canyon and destroyed the entire area near GZ.


We were pretty bummed but what can be done about an act of nature like a flood? We next set out to top ourselves again and built a really cool puzzle we called – GC4Y70T Black Betty III. We etched and painted an ammo can which we also lined with cork board and included a themed moleskine notebook. We even included a nice FTF geocoin for the first finder. The container had two locks which required keys that were to be found on a set of four themed trackables floating around the city. It was really cool and we were super proud but it was stolen within a month. Drats! We were very bummed but that is one of the risks of the game.

Next we delved into Challenges. At the time challenges consisted of a container and then a set of qualifications for logging set by the owner. We crafted a series of six challenges we called the Walking in Memfis Challenge series.

The challenges were 5 Benchmarks Challenge, 25 Benchmarks Challenge, 5 Events ChallengeMega Events Challenge, and the Well Rounded Challenge. The hides were roadside hides and kept getting muggled. We eventually archived the whole series but hope to put out a new version once the Challenge Caches come back.