new WIGO.pngWherigos seem to be the neglected or maybe the abused child of geocaching. The software is severely out of date. The interface is clunky. So, why do we keep producing cartridges for ourselves and others? Because Wherigos are fun and have a great amount of potential. We plan to continue our Wherigo Workshops and looked into creating a step-by-step guide to creating Wherigos. After working on that project for several months, the instructional material needed was so much that we found it past the point of diminishing returns. In simple speak – it wasn’t worth it. By the time we produced the manual, then distributed it to geocachers, then they took the time to read it – we could have just built the cartridges and saved tons of time and effort.

So are we just giving up? Absolutely not. In fact we stumbled upon something way better. Partnerships. We have now partnered with geocachers all over the world and discovered many benefits.

We have made great new geocaching friends around the world. We now regularly talk to geocachers in Ireland, Australia, South Africa, Canada and places all over the USA. How can you beat that. Unlike cachers we met in groups on Facebook, we worked with these cachers to complete a project so there was something to bond over. I truly feel that once we finally travel to all of these places we have friends to connect with.

We (and our new friends) get to work on what we are best at in geocaching. A perfect instance of this occurred early on in this little bartering experiment. We were working with a cacher who wanted to put a Wherigo in his area of South Africa. He had already published several EathCaches and as of yet we had been too intimidated to earn the icon. He ended up walking us through the process and blam! – we both earned a new icon for our geocaching profiles. We have also traded off custom building Wherigos for things like trackables and even some cachers have helped us publish and maintain a new cache in their area. How cool is this? When you team up with other cachers there is so much more than can be accomplished.

We are still spreading Wherigos around the globe. Best of all, we are still helping spread quality Wherigos all over. We are seeing new Wherigos being published in places that previously didn’t have any for 100 or more miles away.

A few of our partnerships

GC619FF The Hobo code – Tennessee USA

GC5XXH9 BGB IV Wherigo Scavenger Hunt – Massachusetts USA

GC60GF9 Welcome to Umdoni – Kwazulu Natal, South Africa

GC64KQA Lucky 13 – Colorado USA


Our Wherigos…

The Rings of Power

Benchmark Hunter

Hiking with GeoTom #6





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