& Ice


This is a fairly straight forward Wherigo Geocache with two stages. Once you get to stage one you will be asked a question. Answer that question correctly and you will unlock the location of the geocache. All the information you will need to answer the question is given to you.


I hid this Wherigo geocache after finding the nearby traditional Fire. I thought that if a cacher was going to make the hike out here, I might as well sweeten the reward.


FTF log:


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Found it Found it

Wow. Like lots of my FTF logs, this one is going to be a long one…. Sit right back and let me tell you a story!

Where to start? Memfis Mafia has really gotten me hooked on WhereIGo’s so this cache showing up close to home got me very interested. I researched it a bit and overthought it as is pretty standard practice for me. This time though, it wasn’t going to be a test so much on my homework skills. This one was going to be a test of mental endurance more so than physical (even though both come into play). Hiked on in with this cache as our focus of the day.
The hike was the easy part. Once we got to one of the first stages a question we had to answer – to Fire or Ice first? Suppose fire made the most sense, so we made sure to grab that one. A little winded, we quickly overcame the homework bit of the challenge. No worries there! That was a rewarding experience as it was easier than I expected it to be. That’s good… as the trial was to come.
We follow our cords to GZ… well… no. We couldn’t achieve GZ no matter what we tried. Two different GPS units had vastly different opinions. No worries, we’ve dealt with that before. Time to depend on geosenses! bacchic_frenzy suggests I check one area, but I refuse to get the point. Instead, I think it’s a better idea to comb the area over, in… EVERY NOOK AND CRANNY POSSIBLE. Wow, geosenses are failing me, but so is my cell service… No service at the GZish location. Darn, that’s going to make calling for a lifeline difficult.
I wish I could tell you different friends… but an hour and a half later at GZish, we were about to give in. I was a little frustrated, and a little freaked out, after I sent a boulder weighing more than I did over a cliff edge (PLEASE BE CAREFUL AT THE FINAL LOCATION – IT’S SERIOUS BUSINESS)….
After getting to higher ground, I managed to eek out a call for a lifeline. I was willing to walk away without a find on this one if necessary, but lucky for me, the call managed to get through (just barely) and received a huge huge nudge from the CO. (Thank you so much Memfis Mafia!!!) Normally, I wouldn’t take help on a FTF attempt, but I just couldn’t get to THE POINT of the final. That and a really long hunt for the final, and avoiding… erm… death… we’ll hang our head high claiming the FTF on this one, nudge or not!
As per CO’s request: There is one trackable present at the time of our visit, but we just discovered it and left it for motivation for others to come out and give this one a try. Cache and log are in perfect shape. Glad I didn’t TNL:My dead and managled body.  Thanks for another good time Memfis! When it was all said and done, it’s another caching memory we’ll hang onto for a long time. TFTC|SL

Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 3.21.09 PM


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